Phaedra Wong


A short, slight woman of Chinese descent, 27 years old.


Lieutenant Phaedra Wong was a human polyglot, poet, and performer who served as Communications Officer of the U.S.S. Persephone.

Raised in a frontier colony founded by Chinese colonists, Wong pursued her dream of discovery upon reaching adulthood. A voracious polyglot, she had already learned over a dozen languages as a child, and threw herself into more.

Unlike most officers, Starfleet has never been the heart of Wong’s life, nor does she intend to stay here forever. A position on a Starfleet was simply the best way to sate her unending curiosity and desire to seek out new experiences she wouldn’t get at some university. In addition to her daytime career in Communications, Wong is a performer—a poetess and singer. Over the last 18 months, her career has rocketed her into stardom—she is a household name across the federation, recording music and words at night and giving concerts during leave. The eclectic and rare occurences of her live performances have only made her presence more desirable, and fans clamor to be one of the hundreds of groupies to share her bed.

Wong is autistic, but of a sensory-seeking rather than avoidant nature: she lives for riotous explosions of light, thunderous sounds, and the pleasure of others’ touch. She is not in the command track—she has no interest in leading.

Wong is an ecstatic Buddhist.

Phaedra Wong

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